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John Dupuis

I have been actively involved in the property and casualty insurance business for my entire business career, some forty four years. When I started as a trainee with The Hartford my first job was hand entering property insurance limits on the old Sanborn Maps to track exposures. Now, the industry is so computerized that many companies rely on software programs to make critical underwriting decisions. That is tremendous technical progress, but the industry is not just a science; it is equally an art. Determining coverage issues, underwriting intent, compliance with acceptable standards or deciding whether or not someone just did the "right thing" requires years of practical hands on experience. That experience is what I offer.

In 2003 I decided it was time to slow down a bit and leave behind the obligations of corporate life. So, I closed our Underwriting Agency, and after a few years we moved from California to the beautiful Upstate area of South Carolina. But, I didn't stray far from the business to which I had devoted so much time. I decided that as an Expert Witness or Consultant I could be an effective resource for anyone in the business who wanted to draw on the knowledge I gained during nearly four decades. The original intention was to spend more of my time doing consulting projects for insurance companies and MGAs; but in reality, I have spent an equal amount of my time as a Consultant and Expert Witness in insurance related litigation.

I know the Property and Casualty Insurance Company business, the Managing General Agency business and the Excess & Surplus Lines business from top to bottom. There is hardly a function within a company or general agency that I have not done myself; been involved with or supervised. I feel I have been most helpful to my recent clients in situations where we were able to just talk on an informal basis allowing me to offer insight based on my experience. A number of my assignments started out just that way, and wound up with an assignment as an expert witness or a consulting contract. My clients have told me that drawing from my experience has proved particularly valuable as they prepared for discovery.

The Expert Witness assignments I have been involved with are quite varied. I have testified on a wide range of matters such as: a simple dispute on additional premiums due on a general liability final audit; the materiality of facts omitted on a property application when the resulting policy suffered a multi million dollar loss; the application of a modification of the "other insurance" clause in apportioning a general liability loss and the duty of an insurer to communicate directly with an insured who is represented by a broker.

I have also worked on a number of interesting consulting and pre litigation assignments. Of particular significance were two assignments in which I was hired because of my extensive underwriting background. In both of these assignments the disputes between the two parties ran well over Fifty Million Dollars and required exhaustive reviews of underwriting files.

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